Custom made wig information

Our gym & swim wigs are without a doubt our best seller on our website and through our Etsy store. We make and send hundreds of these each week all around the world. Each one is made to order hence why there is a wait for your item.

These were first designed specifically for physical activity and swimming, it quickly became apparent how versatile they actually were. We had hundreds of nurses during the pandemic wearing these for 12 hour shifts with ppe and commenting how light and comfortable they felt. We have had many emails from customers wearing them for snorkelling, surfing, rollercoasters, gymnastics and many many more high intensity activities.

We understand in situations like these the importance of a good fitting wig. We offer a completely custom gym wig option free of charge. If you feel you have a slightly smaller or larger sized head just simply add measurements one and four from the diagram to your order and we will make this to your exact head size. We can also trim the length if required to ensure your wig is perfect for you on arrival.

We also make gym wigs for children regularly. Again, please add the measurements to your order and state the child’s age and we will do the rest.

Please note, as with any custom made product, custom sized wigs cannot be returned or exchanged.

Our premium range wigs are designed to be worn behind the ears and our standard range are designed to be worn over the ears. Please advise if you would like to wear over or behind so these can be adjusted to suit. 

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