Tying Instructions for cancer scarves

The best thing about my cancer scarves is their versatility – they can be easily tied in different styles to suit whatever mood you are in.

How to bun a scarf

If you fancy a bun just tie it in a double knot, twist one of the lengths round the knots, tuck it under and pull to secure. Repeat with the other length in the opposite direction and viola a glamorous bun.

How to bow a scarf

Or for a simple and quick bow style all you need to do is literally knot and tie in a bow- how easy is that!

How to tie a turban

The ultra fabulous turban style is achieved by tying in one knot at the front of your head, slightly twisting the lengths around the back of your head and double knotting tada!

How to tie a Versatile scarf

If you opt for a style with the shorter length scarf then it’s even easier all you do is tie in a bow and you’re ready to go.

How to tie a Versatile scarf - Method 2

How to tie the B Chic

How to tie the Kaly Easy

How to the The Kalyana