Ciara Priestly

My Story

Whatever our age the desire to look fabulous is never far from our minds. Whilst I was suffering from Cancer and losing my hair, I found it nearly impossible to find comfortable, easily tied and above all else glamorous cancer scarves to help me feel that no matter what the world threw at me I could look as good as the next woman.

Cancer Scarves

I decided to start making my own headscarves and since finishing my treatment I have put my heart and soul into designing stylish, modern headwear for other women in similar situations. The design of a hat combined with a variety of colourful scarves can be easily tied in different styles for whatever suits your mood, plus pretty much all colours can be mixed and matched so you can have a different cancer scarf for every day of the week or even every pair of shoes in your wardrobe - and if you are anything like me that will be a lot of shoes.

I source all materials locally so I can be sure that I use only those that are kindest to sensitive skin, letting your skin breathe whilst keeping your head warm.

So here's the collection so far - different styles of scarves, hats, cancer scarves and even more glamorous headwear for special occasions or just for the hell of it on a trip to Tesco with the kids